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Cloud: Performance Matters, Benchmarking Saves Comparing cloud providers is complicated. With constant price drops and the frequent introduction of new instance types, no matter what answer you come up with today it is sure to change in three months. Taking into account differences in performance, it gets even more confusing when you realize that applications run differently on different clouds. One thing is certain though: price in a vacuum doesn't tell you the whole story. In fact, it's a lot like selecting a car based on sticker price and assuming the fuel efficiency of the cylinders is equal across manufacturers. It's not. Much like miles per gallon tells you more about comparisons when making a car purchase, the combination of price and performance gives a much richer picture when selecting public cloud vendors. For example, if a virtual machine costs $100 per... (more)

The Paradox of Ephemeral Cloud Storage | @CloudExpo [#Cloud]

The very name is kind of ridiculous, don't you think? The word "ephemeral" means it can go away. It's temporary. Fleeting, even. So why would I want to depend on storing something in a medium that can disappear without warning? And why am I forced to buy more of it when all I want is more CPUs or RAM? Welcome to the paradox of ephemeral storage from cloud computing providers. Origins and Explanations Ephemeral storage exists only because of how first-generation cloud providers chunk up servers. The business model is simple: they buy a physical server and try to sell as many virtual... (more)